Real Leads. Real Returns. No Risk.

100% organically sourced leads that convert to closed deals.

Have You Noticed?

You’re not the first dealership to speak to your leads? Your leads have poor credit and even worse income? When a lead is bad, your lead generation team is nowhere to be found?

That’s where LeadHulk comes in.

At LeadHulk, we promise your leads are:

Exclusively Yours

Your leads are 100% exclusive. We never resell or recycle our leads to other car dealerships, loan companies or credit repair companies. That means little to no competition for you, and the best possible chances of closing.

Never Outsourced

We never buy our leads from a third-party source. Our leads are 100% organically generated in-house, so we can maintain quality control throughout the entire process. That means higher quality leads for you at a lower cost than the competition.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We take care of our stores like family. That’s why we offer a no-risk engagement by guaranteeing our leads. If you’re unsatisfied with a lead, and it does not meet our quality assurance standards, we will work with you to ensure you’re satisfied.

Getting Real Leads This Fast Has Never Been Easier

Your unique ads are turned on immediately

As soon as we know how many leads you want, we turn on your unique online advertisements. Unlike other auto lead generation companies who buy leads from third parties, your leads will come directly from our advertisements and into your CRM.

100% Satisfaction guaranteed

You can request as many as 1,000 leads per day or as few as 50 per month. The choice is entirely your’s. Lead Hulk never requires minimum daily order quantities so you can close deals at whatever pace is best for you. Currently, Lead Hulk generates hundreds of leads per day for our stores across Canada and the United States.

Receive your first lead within 3-4 business days

Our proven “Crush It” system is designed to do just that – crush it! Through years of experience and refining, we’ve perfected the art of generating quality leads online so much so that we can guarantee you will have your first lead within 48 hours from when we turn on your advertisements.

Start Closing More Deals Today.

Lead Hulk brings together an experienced and knowledgable team of industry professionals. Our CEO and Founder, Steven Scott, would be considered a black belt in sales if there were such a credential. He, along with all of our sales team bring a refreshing lead-buying experience to the dealerships we work with, with the goal to provide a top-to-bottom process designed to help you start closing more deals today.

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